Fruit & Nut Crunchy Muesli

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A tasty mix of roasted crunchy millets, oats, corn and wheat flakes with an abundance of juicy cranberries, raisins, papaya and almonds. Creating a muesli with toasty notes so no more soggy cereal mornings again.

A pack shot of Joyfull Fruit & Nut. This is a purple pouch, with the cereal and millets splashing from the bottom. There is a yellow flash on the top right that says "New Grain on the block". On the right side it has a milk splash that says "Millet, nutritious ancient grains".
Fruit & Nut Crunchy Muesli
Image of the back of pack of Joyfull Fruit and Nut. The pack is purple and it has an infographic that explains why Millets are amazing! You can find all the information on why millets by scrolling down on this page or on the why millets section of the website.
Fruit & Nut Crunchy Muesli

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Tasty and crunchy

I'm not a cereal person but i happily came across joyful fruit & nut,wow, I love it but, I have it with fat free Greek style yogurt , georgous as a breakfast or as a quick snack.beware the fruits are chewy and Papua is hard to chew.

Maria Thompson
Watch out for the rock hard papaya!!

I received a free sample of this & really enjoyed the first few mouthfuls but then I bit into something rock hard! Fearing I'd broken a tooth I stopped eating it. I realised it was a piece of candied papaya. I took the remaining papaya out & ate the rest it was lovely.
They really need to rectify this before someone does some serious damage to their teeth.
I will buy again but I'll definitely be removing the papaya.

Well I loved it!

Don’t be put off by the reviews.
I’ve read some of the other reviews but I have to say I love it! I like the different textures the crunch and the chewy fruit.
I’ve eaten it with milk and just dry when I want a snack. In fact I’m on my second packet of fruit and nut and have also tried the other two flavours.

Georgina Revell
Yum but some fruit rock hard

Really nice but some of the candied fruit so hard it nearly cracked my tooth. Will buy again but will remove the hard fruit before eating. The manufacturer needs to address this urgently.

Brian Rackett

Similar to some other reviews, I found some parts too hard to crunch. I thought my teeth were going to break so I stopped and threw it away. It probably would have been very nice but couldn't risk it.

Why Millets?

  • An image of a healthy millet flake


  • An illustration of a yellow bowl


  • An orange illustration of a the healthiest millet plant


  • A blue and green illustration of the world