Why Millets?

They’re the grain that makes you grin…

A group shot of all three variants of Joyfull Millets crunchy muesli cereal. First a purple pack, Fruit and nut millet muesli. In the middle, a green pack, Honey and nut millet muesli. To its right, an orange pack, Choco and nut millet muesli
An image of a healthy millet flake


Every spoonful of crunch leaves you smiling inside and out! In Joyfull Millets we are the first to bring this super-grain back to the modern breakfast table.

An illustration of a yellow bowl


The new ancient grain on the block, millets are a good source of fiber and Iron ,.

An orange illustration of a the healthiest millet plant


Millets grow where other crops cannot which strives to improve the livelihoods of farmers and the local communities where they grow.

A blue and green illustration of the world


Millets have been around for 4000 years and can be grown in higher temperatures and less rainfall – making them the perfect breakfast.

A picture of a blond woman wearing a lilac t-shirt and a cream cardigan. She is smiling and is pouring Joyfull Millets made with Muesli with one hand into a white bowl. In fron to fhte bowl there is a pink mug


An image of a spoon holding Joyfull Fruit and nut muesly. The background is a purple circle with millet flakes floating around it


Millets have been around for over 4000 thousand of years providing benefits for you and striving to benefit the farmers and the planet...

Joy for you:

Millets are a good source of fiber and iron, this mighty ancient grain packs a natural nutritional crunch .

Joy for the farmer:

Millets strive to improve the livelihoods of farmers as a source of income and are integral to keep ancestral traditions, protecting rich cultural expression of farming communities by making millets relevant again.

A picture of a millet farmer. Her is wearing a green stripped shirt and is standing in front of a field of millet plants. He is holding Joyfull Fruit and nut crunchy muesli on his hands and smiling widely
A close up picture of a healthy millets plant. The background is out of focus but you can distinguish more millet plants

Joy for the Planet :

Millets can be grown in higher temperatures and less rainfall, where other crops would struggle .


So there you have it a crunchy breakfast cereal that is both good for you and delicious, delivering delicious taste to your soul and your bowl.


Got More Questions?

Want to find out more – we hope you do. We’re always happy to talk about millets. Check out our FAQ about millets and more here….