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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Joyfull millets better?

No longer do you have to make the compromise between health and taste at breakfast – joyfull brings you both as it's tasty and nutritious.
Not only does it taste delicious, but you can feel good eating it too as Joyfull is good for the planet and good for the farmers as Millets can grow almost anywhere and survive in drought conditions.

What are millets?

Millets are a 4000 year old ancient grain traditionally grown in India and east Africa. India is one of the largest producers of Millet in the world. Compared with other grains, millets use less water and minimal fertilizers and pesticides to grow, which benefits both the farmers and the planet.
Millets on their own are gluten free and nutrition dense as well as rich in iron, protein, dietary fibre and calcium.

Why are millets good for you?

Millets contain a wide range of nutrients that our body needs and can be enjoyed as part of a varied diet and lifestyle. They’re high in fibre, as well as a good source of calcium and iron, plus they contain protein which can help support your energy levels.

Why are millets making a comeback?

A greater understanding of the food chain and a realization that many modern crops (wheat, corn and rice) are struggling to grow as climate change affects farming across the world has led to many turning back to their roots and rediscovering what is native to their local areas. Millets are native to India and Africa and have been an overlooked grain despite being the farmers' food of choice for centuries.

Millets are good for you, good for the farmer and good for the environment. Today, people are increasingly conscious of the food they eat, how it's grown and whether it is sustainable. Millets can grow even in drought prone areas as they require less water and are comparatively more resistant to pests. This makes millets a great crop for farmers to turn to as they know they can rely on its yields whatever the circumstances which helps secure a reliable income.

Why is no one else making a millet cereal?

For years, Millets have been a best kept secret. With other cereals focused on grains like wheat and corn, TATA launched a millet cereal in India 10 years ago with the goal to make millets relevant again to the modern breakfast eaters. This brand now one of the leading brands in India and it's the rest of the worlds turn to find out about the magic of millets.

How much of Joyfull millets is millets?

Each pack of Joyfull Millets Muesli contains 25% millets - more than any other cereal.
Our muesli contains three types of millets: Finger, Sorghum, and Pearl. Each millet variety offers a unique taste and crunch.

Is Joyfull a healthy breakfast?

All of the products within our Joyfull Muesli range are high in fibre, as well as a source calcium and iron which helps support your energy levels and tastes great too.