What Puts The 'Joy' in Joyfull?

A close up picture of a blond woman wearing a lilac top and lilac blazer. She is smiling and has her eyes closed. She is holding a bolw full of Joyfull Millets Crunchy Muesli an with her other hand, she is holding a spoon
A portrait of Prashant Parameswaran – Creator of Joyfull. He is smiling, with his arms crossed wearing a white shirt and glasses. On the bottom right corner of the picture, there is Prashant's handwritten signature

Our Story

From a family that’s renowned in farming with a passion for millets it's my mission to bring back this ancient grain full of goodness and deliver natural, tasty and sustainable nourishment to your soul and your bowl.

Having grown up in India and travelled the world I wanted to share what others have known for centuries and bring the benefits of this 4000-year-old super grain back to breakfast tables everywhere.

Our Joyfull squad have carefully selected the perfect combination of 3 different types of crunchy millets and combined them with super tasty fruits, nuts, and seeds to create delicious bowlfuls of millet muesli, packed with flavour but not with high added sugars. Now you can enjoy a tasty healthy start every morning – no compromises!  We’d love to hear what you think!

Prashant Parameswaran – Creator of Joyfull


Millets are our secret weapon, and spreading the word about the health, environmental and societal benefits of this ancient grain is one of our greatest passions. When the UN declared 2023 the International Year of Millets, we weren’t surprised – we were excited!

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Bringing A Little
Joy Every day

We’re here for the cereal lovers who care about the
same things we do.

You no longer have to compromise between taste and health at breakfast time. No more sad and flavourless soggy bowls of cereal! Instead, we have the perfect mix of tasty ingredients with our secret weapon – crunchy millets to give your morning the nourishing kick-start it needs in one simple and easy bowlful. Make breakfast one less thing you have to worry about when rushing out the door in the morning!

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Our purpose? To spread joy through natural, feel-good food. Joyfull Millets products are tasty, good for you and they offers sustainable benefits too.  These super grains are climate resilient – meaning they need less water to grow, they survive in drought and harsh growing conditions, meaning farmers can make extra income for their communities and it creates additional jobs.

A picture of a white bowl with Joyfull Millets Fruit and Nut Muesli. The bowl is tilted to the right. Around it there are millet seeds, flakes, fruit, nuts and healthy muesli scattered. Behind the bowl, there are dried millet plants peaking from the side

Millets are the do-good supergrain. Good for the soul, good for the communities who help produce it, and good for the planet. And it's a joy to eat.

Why not wake up and choose Joyfull?

An image of a breakfast table. There is a hand coming from the left, holding a bowl with milk and Joyfull Millets Muesli. Next to the bowl, there is a cup of tea. The background is out of focus, it has a glass of orange juice a purple pack of Joyfull Fruit and nut and an orange pack of Joyfull Choco and nut

Why Millets?

A group shot of all three Joyfull Millets variants. First a purple pack, Fruit and nut. In the middle, a green pack, Honey and nut. To its right, an orange pack, Choco and nut

Contact Us

We love talking to cereal lovers who care about the same things we do. If you have any questions about Joyfull or millets not answered in our FAQs, or simply fancy sharing some joy with us, get in touch with us here.