A graphic image with a purple background. On the left, it has a purple pack of Joyfull Fruit and nut crunchy healthy muesli. In front of the pack, there is a bowl with muesli made with millet, and milk splashing out of it.

Where to find us

We are working hard to spread the Joy of Millets as far and wide as possible so watch this space.

For now, find us in select Metro Ontario stores!!

Your New Fave Cereal

Whether you’re nuts for nuts, sweet on honey, or loco for choco, bring the natural, feel-good benefits of Joyfull to your breakfast table and become one of those annoying people who smile on their way to work.

A picture of a woman holiding a pack of Joyfull Millets Fruit and nut cereal. The pack is purple, it has a splash of product in the bottom. On the top right corner, the pack has a yellow box that says "New". The woman in the background is out of focus, she is smiling and wearing a lilac sweater

Why Joyfull?

Choosing a cereal usually means compromising between being healthy or happy at breakfast time. A of iron and calcium, of our mueslis is tasty, filling and a nutritious breakfast for a feel-good start to the your day.

But wait, there’s more…

Happy food means a happy life for everyone. Made with millets, our super-grain cereals are also joyfully sustainable thanks to the mighty millets climate resilience which helps enhance the livelihoods of the farmers and communities that grow them. These delicious little grains are what make our muesli uniquely Joyfull.

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